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Vaughan Today

Lawyer Has Not-so-hidden Lyrical Talent

Les Kotzer's Thornhill office contains all the trappings of a run-of-the-mill attorney’s stuffy workspace: a desk covered in papers, a bookshelf crammed with legal tomes, and walls adorned with degrees and laudations.

Only the tangerine-trimmed white Sony boom box on the carpet reveals the wills and estates lawyer’s less-than-academic pursuits.
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Regina Leader-Post

Lawyer, Songwriter Make Touching Music About Our Heroes

A songwriter and wills lawyer? Sound like an odd combination? Not really, insists Les Kotzer. In fact, the Toronto-based wills lawyer, who writes lyrics on the side, considers them quite compatible.

Both focus on words, thinking and depth, and trying to analyse, he pointed out in a telephone interview from his Hogtown law office.

Add a five-time Juno award winner and Grammy nominee to the mix and what do you get? A hit, Kotzer hopes.
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St. Paul Pioneer Press

Talking is Best Way to Avoid Family Feud Over Will

I'm trying to prepare a will but am not sure what to do with some of my belongings, like my car. I want to treat my sons equally, but one son isn't as well off as the other. I am thinking of giving some of my possessions to the son who needs them most, but I don't want the other one to be upset. Any advice?
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Sun Sentinel

Get Everyone On The Same Page About Inheritances

The lyrics of The Family Fight, are about two brothers who were once close but now are fighting over their late mother's personal items. The words are the inspiration of Les Kotzer, a Toronto lawyer and former amateur lyricist turned pro who is using music to show the tragedy he often sees of families torn apart by fighting over inheritances.
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Canadian Lawyer Pens Legal Hurtin' Music

Toronto, November 13: When he's not working to settle family feuds for his clients, a Canadian lawyer writes songs about them -- and his CD is getting airplay from Toronto to San Francisco.
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The Press

Lawyer, Author Draws More Notoriety With New Song
Faces and Places

Roger Varley, Staff Writer

After the death of his mother, Rose, Les Kotzer wrote a book of poems dedicated to her memory.

Among the poems was one called Photos in a Drawer, which tells of discovering some of her old photographs and the family memories they held.
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Special Features

Songwriting Wills Lawyer On A Mission Innovative Music CD To Help Families Avoid Inheritance Fighting
J.L. Brent Special Features

Kotzer is a co-author of the book entitled The Family Fight - Planning to Avoid It, which has hit a nerve across North America. Wills lawyer Les Kotzer's new song, The Family Fight is featured on an innovative new concept music CD that he has recently released.
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