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Innovative Music CD To Help Families Avoid Inheritance Fighting
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We’re dividing all of mother’s things
Deciding on her rugs and rings
I can’t believe what’s happening tonight
We’re in a family fight

Can’t split a painting on the wall.
Or share a table in the hall
I never dreamt that we could fall apart
It would break our mother’s heart

These are words from wills lawyer Les Kotzer's new song, The Family Fight featured on an innovative new concept music CD that he has recently released.

Kotzer is a co-author of the book entitled The Family Fight - Planning to Avoid It, which has hit a nerve across North America. His book is designed to give families strategies and suggestions for avoiding family fighting over inheritance. The book has been featured across North America including Time Magazine and CNN. "We are seeing an explosion of sibling warfare over inheritance. It is so tragic to see once close families destroyed often over so little. My partner, Barry Fish, and I wrote the book in order to help create a bridge for communication between adult children and their parents. But I recognize that words on a page are not enough. This is why I decided to turn my experience into songs,” said Kotzer.

The CD is titled A Family United, A Family Divided - Songs to Touch the Heart of a Family. The cover of the CD speaks volumes. There is a picture of two young brothers, circa 1960, standing side by side in front of a Christmas tree. There is also a picture of the same two brothers in their 50's standing back to back, their ties now broken. "It can happen to any family," said Kotzer. It doesn't take a lot to destroy a family. In fact, fighting isn't just over money; it's also over memories of the personal possessions in mom or dad's home."

Kotzer teamed up with composer Lewis Manné and producers Wendy Watson and Chad Irschick to create this two song CD. Lewis Manné and Wendy Watson have had over 200 songs published and recorded and are best known for their music on the Degrassi TV series plus numerous other TV themes and scores.

Wendy Watson, internationally acclaimed producer, arranger and composer, combined with the expertise of Chad Irschick, contribute the soul to these productions. Wendy and Lewis were recognized last year with Her Majesty, the Queen’s, Golden Jubilee Award medals for their contribution to music.

The CD features the vocal stylings of Lewis Manné.

“When I read Les' lyrics, I was so moved, that it inspired me to compose music to capture the essence of his message. Les' passion is saving families and I believe when people hear the songs on this CD, it will bring the value of family back into focus and make people realize family is the greatest asset we have. A family fight is a painful and ugly experience that you would not wish on your worst enemy and is even more tragic when two siblings go from love to hate. I am so proud to be a part of Les’ crusade,” said Lewis emotionally.

The first song on the CD, The Family Fight, is about two brothers fighting over their mother's personal possessions. It’s an up-tempo rock song that baby boomers can relate to because it conjures up memories of the late 70's and 80's with fast paced guitar arrangements by Michael Francis, driving rhythms by Gord Sheard, Tom Czesniak and Rick Gratton, and vibrant saxophone by Johnny Johnson. The guitar and sax do the fighting, while Lewis' vocals expose the futility of this family fight.

"My mother always said that her greatest treasures were not in her safety deposit box but were in the faces of her children in her family photo album,” said Les Kotzer. This inspired him to write Photos in a Drawer. “Photos in a Drawer is a touching, heartfelt song that will make you pull out old family pictures and start reminiscing. From my experience as a wills lawyer who sees families fighting, too many people forget who they are and where they came from. They forget the walks on the beach with their brother or sister and they forget family picnics and important family moments that were captured on film only to be put into a drawer." This song, sung so beautifully by Lewis Manné, will take you back into your past and bring back priceless memories.

Faces and places I haven't seen for years
All that time erases
The laughter and the tears
Photos in a drawer

“I suggest people send this CD to their adult children or to their siblings. It is my hope that the music and the message will get families thinking and talking before it is too late”, Kotzer says. "Music has always touched our hearts, made us laugh, made us cry, and now hopefully with this CD, will make us think about the value of our family."

The CD is not available in stores. It is available by calling Kotzer's law office at 1-877-439-3999 or through his website at www.familyfight.com. You can hear samples of his songs on the website. For a limited time, if you call Kotzer's office and order a copy of his book The Family Fight - Planning to Avoid It, you will receive a free copy of the CD.

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